The project Intellectual Output has been implemented as a VET2B platform aimed to give both the VET providers and the enterprises – with a special attention to SMEs – a tool to successfully collaborate: a unique and challenging environment for networking through which VET providers will be able to promote their learners and trainers’ competences to enterprises – in the form of good, services and professional consulting – and through which enterprises will be able to buy good, services and professional consulting under each partner’s countries legal framework rules.

On the model of the Production schools – where the goods and services, produced by the participants, are sold at market terms enabling the teachers to offer the participants tasks, which, in specific situations, have immediate value and function for the participant as well as for the school and the customers – the idea of the project is to turn the classroom learning in a real and effective work-based learning activity by the medium of a platform built on the B2B model: a platform set where one business (in this case VET) serves the needs and requirements of another business (in our case companies at local and regional level).

The platform contain a catalogue of good, services and professional consulting by sector (as for example: services of catering, web-design, e-commerce marketing consulting; 3D printing components, etc.) according to VET providers course programmes and potential offer within which the companies subscribing the platform services can choose good, services and professional consulting they need. The subscription to the platform is open to local and regional VET providers and SMEs – in its startup phase – with the aim to widen the network to national and European level after the closure of the project.

On enrolment, the subscribers are asked to fill a form describing supply (as regards VET providers) and demand (as regards SMEs): the collected data will be exploited to implement the platform contents.

Visit the platform

This is the link to visit the platform:

How to register

How to add e service

The full user manual

Open the link to read the User manual. The User Manual consist of four sections: 

  • Functionality Overview: we start off with a section which gives an overview of the platform available features and purpose. 
  • Getting Started: the second section explains the process to register and log into the platform.  
  • Using the Platform: the section provides a detailed description of the available features to make the most of your search. 
  • Contact Details: the last section provides you with additional Contact Details in case there may be any other questions.  

Contact us if you have any additional questions and get in touch!