The Survey

The survey for VET providers and SMEs

The first step in VET2B platform development

During the platform preparation phase, the project partners survey a group of VET providers and a selection of SMEs by the following questionnaires. The survey represents the first step in platform development.

The answers have been collected and have been used as a base for the platform implementation.  Here you can find the questionnaires in each partners’ country. The questionnaire have been created thanks to Google form


  1. VET2B -Anketa VET
  2. VET2B – Anketa SME


  1. VET2B – Questionario VET
  2. VET2B – Questionario aziende


  1. VET2B – Questionário VET
  2. VET2B – Questionário SME


  1. VET2B – Klausimynui VET
  2. VET2B – Klausimynui SME


  1. VET2B – Ankiety VET
  2. VET2B – Ankiety SME